Our Mission

We want businesses of all sizes to have effective, specialist , affordable marketing support.


We support flexible and self-employed workers, particularly women with caring responsibilities, to build their businesses and pursue financial independence and prosperity.


We don't think marketing agencies need expensive offices, funky meeting rooms or a long chain of managers. We believe in outstanding work, delivered for the benefits of our clients; that is all.

Our Team

Davinia Parker

Director; marketing, brand and strategy


Davinia has more than a decade's experience in working with companies to improve their public profile and reputation with customers, through public relations, branding exercises and community consultation.


From small businesses seeking their opinion articles placed in key trade publications and local press, to major organisations looking at how their product portfolio is structured and branded, Davinia has a wealth of experience in working at all levels of the business to get the maximum possible impact from your business' marketing spend.

"I work innovatively and strategically to develop effective long term strategies to secure the organisation’s competitive offering and to deliver tangible change to reach that goal"

Davinia's key skills include:
•    The ability to plan collaboratively, and deliver, a strong strategy to secure an organisation’s offering.
•    The strength to work effectively with colleagues at all levels, from senior executives and board members to ‘front of house’ staff
•    Experience using quality sector intelligence to influence effective strategy in professional services, FTSE 100 business and education
•    Drawing the focus consistently back to customer need from the organisation, rather than surfacing an interior view of brand offering
•    Consistently delivering promptly and efficiently to a well-considered and researched strategy



Claire Curzon

Freelance consultant; strategy and delivery

We work with Claire and her 20-strong team of consultants on a number of campaigns, particularly social media work because of her unparalleled ability to deliver outstanding results (often in a very short period of time!)


One of the key benefits of this for Livock Parker clients is the 24/7 availability unmatched by independent freelancers and ability to expand campaigns as required. On a personal note I know Claire works very hard and often goes far beyond what is expected of her and her team to deliver results. Claire has built her team over more than 12 years and has served over 800 clients with a 98% retention rate.

Claire often talks about what a pleasure it is to work for our clients, and we have no doubt she means it, as she is a pleasure to work with herself.

Jenna Maxwell

Freelance consultant; copywriting and media relations

"As a freelancer, working with Livock Parker has been the ideal partnership. I’ve worked in PR and journalism for 12 years and specialise inmedia relations campaigns. 


Jenna often works hand-in-glove with clients as an embedded part of the team which is both highly time-efficient but also very effective at understanding the business and identifying a strong news hook. 


She has been freelancing with Livock Parker for several years: "I enjoy this way of working as I have the freedom to lead on my own clients but still remain part of the Livock Parker team. Since becoming a mum in 2015, I find freelance work suits me much better so I am able to create the time I need to work and still be available for the nursery pick-ups! Being part of Livock Parker also means I can focus all my working days and delivering outstanding work for clients which is what I love."

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