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Top 5 tips for launching an app

We’ve worked in technology for years; new products launch all the time. Here's how to get the most out of your app launch.

1. Focus on critical mass

For any crowdsourced data -led apps, the key is to build up a critical mass of people using the app, ideally in one geographic location so that the data they access is rich and their experience is a good one. This will encourage repeat usage of the app and create the 'snowball' effect. Baby, you're on a roll!

2. Have an integrated campaign

It may be hard to believe these days, but people do exist outside their social media profiles. Any digital marketing campaign must be fully integrated Through The Line (that's to say, use PR, paid advertising, bloggers, etc) but also has to integrate social media with the 'real world'. Take snapshots of the public using the app, gather photos and video of people explaining why they love your app and why there's a real need for it, and use these on social media.

3. Pick the launch timing carefully

If you have done your research you will know your target market inside out. When will they be most receptive? Businesses are quiet in August, parents too busy around Christmas, the education sector is far too busy from September to December.

4. Spend at the beginning

We are a small business. We understand how frightening it is to have so much of your budget disappear around launch. However, it is no good having budget left over after a weak launch. Front-loading a campaign will ensure you start strong and have a user base with which you can work to make improvements and 'spread the word'.

5. Keep moving

Technology is iterative. You will never have the app 'perfect'... or as soon as you do it will become outdated, usurped or replaced. Respond to user demand and feedback, and update frequently to keep the app 'fresh'.

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