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Marketing your lifestyle brand

This month we kicked off our campaign for Edinburgh's personal styling expert and lifestyle brand Cheri Milaney. Her clients are the well-heeled women of Auld Reekie and in the first month we've landed her a feature profiling her stylish Italianate home and a platform to talk and promote her business.

We work with Cheri on an affordable monthly retainer basis, which means that each month her dedicated consultant Jenna (who has 10+ years' experience as a PR and journalist) finds and pitches features and news stories that get Cheri in front of her key audience and undoubtedly new customers.

For us, the trick has really been very carefully working our network to find the very best consultant for Cheri's business. This is something all of us can take on board when trying to develop our businesses. Who do we know? Who has the expertise to help us progress and get to the next level?

Here are are our top tips for growing your lifestyle business:

• Influencers; approach social media influencers or partner brands and work to reach new customers online

• Find the best possible team to work for you.

• Spend your marketing budget wisely. Consider whether big agencies offer value for money. Freelancers or 'virtual agencies' can offer expertise for a fraction of the cost

• Target your audience carefully. If you're opening a florist on the high street, you will do much better leafleting outside your local Waitrose than paying £££ for an ad on the Front Page of The Sunday Times. The latter will be seen by more people, but 99% of them won't be local and won't be interested in buying flowers. And you will have spent a fortune!

• Don't knock traditional PR. Good local newspapers are experiencing a resurgence and they're good, they tend to be well-read.

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