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New Year strategy

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

2019 promises one thing... a great deal of change. For some businesses that may well mean significant challenge to the way in which they've done business to date. For others it's part of the 'rough and tumble' of a growing business learning to find its niche and identify what it is and what it does; in short... its brand. For both groups of companies it is an opportunity to review how to take the business forward and take stock of where the market is, particularly to examine where the customer or client is in their relationship with the businesses. How can your company serve the challenges they face? What risks do your customers' and clients' challenges present your business? All this feeds in to the brand you present - be a solutions provider, not just a 'service' that can be bought elsewhere.

What can I do?

Ask mentors, colleagues, partners and your wider industry what they think the challenges are at present for businesses like yours. Listen carefully to their answers; they might be unexpected and somewhat different to your preconceptions. Consider what data you can gather on your customers and clients.

Livock Parker solution

We offer a one day brand 'audit'

£500 +VAT

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